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NetSeT Global Solutions

NetSeT Global Solutions is an IT company that has been developing complex information systems for citizen data management for more than 20 years.

Based in Belgrade (Serbia), our team consists of a group of engineers who are experts in the field of data protection, design of scalable high-performance systems and software development using cutting-edge tools.

As we primarily operate in the field of eGovernment and critical national information infrastructure, our clients are mostly government institutions responsible for storing and managing citizens’ data. In addition to government institutions, we also work with the corporate, health and financial sectors, providing them with the latest generation systems that are extremely secure, but at the same time easy to use.

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Naša misija i prioritet je bezbednost podataka

Sistemi koje stvaramo čine osnovu bezbednog digitalnog društva u kojem se podaci zaista nalaze u rukama svojih vlasnika.

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Our mission is to provide government institutions and corporations with high-quality and secure information systems, streamlining their business processes and offering the most innovative digital services to citizens and business.

Our many years of commitment to quality  
have not come short of numerous awards


The systems we create form the basis of a secure digital society in which data is truly in the hands of its owners.

Quality comes first

When it comes to software quality there is no room for compromise. We are the authors of first-class solutions used in 15 countries around the world to manage the personal data of millions of citizens. Safety, scalability and reliable operation are the basic building blocks of such systems.

Work on company products throughout their entire lifespan

Product life cycle includes several phases, starting from defining the problem that the system should solve and the basic functionalities of the system, through designing the system architecture and implementing the main modules that make it up, to optimization, integration, administrative functionalities and monitoring the system.

Learning and researching every day is an integral part of our business

We solve new challenges and introduce new technologies into use on a daily level. We are aware that investing in the constant improvement of work methodology and tools is an integral part of continuous success and a necessary ingredient for the realization of modern products.


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