Bangladesh on its road to a digital future



Passports and other travell documents are a key part in creating an safe and secure travell ecosystem. It allows simple, efficient and safe border crossings. Using modern documents with chip, advanced algorithms for comparing biometric data and automatic eGates, modern countries put technology in favour of their citizens allowing them to have as plesent travelling experience as possible.

Together with our German partner Veridos, we are proud to be involved in setting up a new national issuing passport infrastructure of the Republic of Bangladesh. With the implementation of this new passport system, the Republic of Bangladesh will receive a state-of-the-art passport system to serve its 160+ million citizens.

The Bangladesh system covers the full functionality of issuing and managing passports, starting with the application for a passport, through the processing of data and the production of a passport, until the transport and finally delivery to the citizen. The new passports will allow Bangladesh citizens to cross borders effectively and easier usage of eGates. It is estimated that over 30 milion ePassports will be issued in the next 5 to 10 years resulting in the creation of new high-tech jobs.

Why is it almost impossible to forge the new Bangladeshi ePassport?

The passport cover is made of a new textile material which is almost impossible to tear. The passport cover is resistant to chemicals, sweat and damp, as well as heat. Special attention was paid to making the passport completely eco-friendly.

The security features of the new passport have been significantly improved. The photo of the passport holder is now in color, which allows border officers to verify the identity of the person more accurately. The chip inside stores biometric information, such as the scan of the iris, face and fingerprints. The ghost image of the passport holder’s portrait is engraved in the transparent part of the passport, which effectively prevents manipulation after issuance and supports an easy visual authentication.

In addition, the new ePassport uses MAGIC-ID, an advanced technology displaying the Bangladesh flag. Depending on the viewing angle, the flag appears to be fluttering.

All these features together make the new Bangladeshi ePassport impossible to counterfeit.

We are very proud to contribute in this way to the progress of the Republic of Bangladesh, which with its strong economic growth has joined the group of the leading 11 developing countries. By building a modern, high-tech passport manufacturing plant, Bangladesh will take an additional step in the path of its technological advancement, with the help of our experts from Germany and Serbia.

The Bangladesh project is further proof that NetSeT and Veridos are recognized as the world’s most trusted partner for managing such a delicate project, and this is the biggest reward for us. We are particularly proud to contribute to a very prosperous nation through our work, which is a confirmation that all our hard work, knowledge and expertise are directed in the right direction and can truly make a difference.

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