Border management systems

A reliable and efficient border control system is one of the main pillars of security in any country. Some of the key functionalities of such systems are the prevention of illegal border crossings, the recognition of forged ID documents and the identification of persons on international arrest warrants.

Millions of people cross the border crossings of different countries every day, making them a critical domain of national security. In order to avoid the possibility of illegal border crossings, the use of forged or stolen ID documents, unregistered entries into the country of wanted persons, as well as to enable efficient operation of border crossings, it is crucial for each country to have a reliable border control solution. 


Together with our strategic partner, Veridos, we offer a complete infrastructure that ensures the safe and reliable operation of all types of border crossings, including airports, ports and land border crossings.

The VeriGo platform is an efficient and reliable border control system that records every border crossing, checks visa rules and provides comprehensive statistical reports. Automatic Border Control (ABC) eGates / kiosks are an integral part of the entire border control system, with which the VeriGo platform provides a very modern and economical way to control passengers. Together with the partner company Secunet, the company Veridos and the VeriGo platform stand behind the creation of a system that secures the air border crossings of the Republic of Germany.

A very important part of the VeriGo platform is the so-called Command & Control System. This system enables centralized processing and analysis of data and events aggregated from different border crossings, providing all the functionalities of a modern command center.

More details about the VeriGo Platform:


VeriGo eGate was deployed at Luxembourg Airport in 2017 to help the airport cope with the growing number of passengers, which increased from 3.02 million in 2016 to 3.6 million in 2017. Along with the number of passengers, crowds and queues at passport control grew as well.

Since the installation of the VeriGo system, 20% of the total number of passengers cross the border using the eGate system, and how efficient this system is is best shown by the fact that the entire passport control procedure can be done in less than 14 seconds!