Business domain


Our product portfolio includes a complete national infrastructure for establishing a secure digital society, including systems for managing identification documents (ID cards, passports, health cards…), national registers of citizens, border control systems, as well as solutions for a secure exchange of confidential data between government institutions. Our products guarantee the security of citizens’ data, while providing citizens with the opportunity to log in to state digital services in a very modern way, using only their mobile phone and relying on biometric authentication with a face image.


Our systems for reliable user authentication and access rights control will allow your data to be secure from all types of internal and external threats, with permanent records of attempted attacks. On the other hand, the Cloud ID digital signature platform in the cloud will help you digitize your business processes in a way that guarantees the full preservation of the legal basis of your important documents. With Cloud ID, you can forget about printing, manually signing and physically transporting contracts, certificates, authorizations and other similar documents, making your business processes much more accessible, modern and economical.


Our network infrastructure protection products include systems for secure data protection at the transport level, as well as secure authentication to the state data backbone. In this way, a network of reliably authenticated systems is created that exchange data through a secure channel. This type of end-to-end protection is also available on mobile devices, where different types of smart cards (contactless smart cards, micro SD or embedded SE) can be used as a security element to log in to the secure network of participants.


Our systems for issuing electronic health cards and keeping electronic health records of patients are designed to provide both security and data availability at the same time. The solutions we offer cover all the necessary aspects, from the software that is placed on the electronic health card, the software for collecting patient data and preparation for card personalization, all the way to the central system that monitors users and manages all system data.


We are aware that financial transactions are one of the most sensitive online operations and that they are therefore often threatened by hackers. The security of financial systems directly depends on end-to-end encryption between clients and the central system. Our many years of expertise in the field of applied cryptography have helped us to design different types of data protection mechanisms, all with the aim of enabling clients to do their job unhindered and maintain the trust of their users.