NetSeT Global Solutions is an IT company that develops complex information systems for citizen data management. We have more than 20 years of experience, references in more than 15 countries on 4 different continents and over 20 systems installed in the region. We represent a regional leader in the field of electronic identification, eGovernment and specialized systems for secure communication. 

With its headquarters in Belgrade (Serbia), NetSeT contains a group of engineers who are experts in the field of data protection, design of high-performance scalable systems and software development using the most advanced tools.

We are exceptionally proud of all of our team members since their hard work provides tens of millions of citizens with secure data management and guarantees a well-established level of quality of our products.

For the quality of its products, and the expertise of its employees, we have been awarded the certificates ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and Bisnode AAA (Highest Creditworthiness).


After many years of collaboration with our partner company Veridos and numerous successful projects around the world, we have become a member of the Veridos group. NetSeT will continue to operate under its name as an independent brand, while within the Veridos group it will be positioned as one of four global research and development centers. Together with our colleagues from North America, Mexico, and Munich, we will continue to develop innovative solutions in the field of biometric identification and secure citizen data management. 

Zoran Savic, CEO, co-owner and founder of NetSeT Global Solutions, explains: “Our collaboration with Veridos is a great success story. It has provided NetSeT with access to global markets and opportunities for sustainable growth. We are very excited to continue this success story as part of the Veridos Group.” 

“We warmly welcome NetSeT to our group of companies,” adds Mark-Julian Sievert, CEO of Veridos. “With this acquisition, we are expanding our position as a provider of holistic identity solutions to cover the entire value chain: from citizen registration to the creation and personalization of ID documents and the management of citizen data to document verification.”

We are proud to share that our Cloud ID digital signature platform (branded as eTrust) won second place at the Deutsche Telekom’s Global Security conference. The conference is organized at the level of the entire Deutsche Telekom group, and it pulls together the most innovative ideas from various DT’s branch offices worldwide. 

The jury had a tough job choosing among 22 contender projects, taking into consideration several aspects such as innovation, digitization, efficiency, value to the end customer, market potential, and sustainability.

We are especially proud on this achievement as this is the first time that a project proposed by any of the DT’s Balkan offices ended up in the top 3.

The new driving license system in Uganda delivered by Veridos and NetSeT won a prestigious HSP (High Security Printing) award in the category of the best new ID card or travel document. The HSP Awards are officially delivered at the Reconnaissance International HSP conference in June, which is well-known for displaying the most innovative solutions in the field of high-security documents.

In a statement, the judge said: “The new system has dramatically reduced the waiting time for a new driver’s license. Authentication is conducted using biometric data and by scanning the number of the driver’s license, and the drivers are notified of renewals long before their license expires. In addition to improved usability, the focus is on security – from now on, law enforcement officers can be absolutely sure that the document is original and still valid, and that the driver has already been tagged.”

We used the last Thursday in May to gather in a more relaxed atmosphere on the slopes of Fruška gora.

Deurić Winery hosted us in a pleasant environment near its vineyards, where we were introduced to the finest wines made of famous varieties. We saw what the entire wine-making process looks like – from storing the grapes in the hangars up to bottling, and, on top of that, we took part in the wine tasting.

The socializing with wine and delicious food specialties continued until late afternoon.

We are proud to announce that Bangladeshi ePassport was chosen by Reconnaissance as the ID document of the year 2021 in the Asian region. The award recognizes outstanding achievement and technical sophistication of a personal identification or travel document program.

We are thrilled to be an integral part of Bangladesh’s route to a better and more prosperous future. Building state-of-the-art passport infrastructure provides citizens with new possibilities and safeguards their identity, which is at the core of everything we do.

In the blink of an eye 20 years have passed since the founding of NetSeT Global Solutions. Today, when we look around us, we see colleagues who have been with us from the very beginning, as well as a multiplied team.

We are proud of the many successes we have achieved through teamwork, including 70+ million identification documents issued through our systems, 20+ million digital certificates issued, as well as 10+ countries around the world that use our citizen data management systems.

During these 20 years, we have formed many partnerships. Above all, the partnership with the German company Veridos stands out and it was crowned by the formal accession of the company NetSeT to the group of companies under Veridos.

We are looking with great enthusiasm at what the next 20 years will bring, as we resolutely step on our path to offer the most innovative secure digital services to citizens and the economy.

We are proud to share that our company is now the holder of the prestigious Platinum AAA certificate, which it has acquired through extremely successful operation for three consecutive years.

Platinum AAA certificate is one of the most prestigious certificates in Europe. It is awarded by Bisnode AB from Sweden (a member of the Dun & Bradstreet Group), based on an analysis of business results on the European market for 2020.

The Platinum AAA certificate is awarded after three consecutive years completed with an AAA credit rating, or three consecutive years of Gold rating. Platinum certificate holders operate above average, with chances of less than 1% that these companies will go bankrupt, liquidate or go into blockade.

Only a few dozen of companies out of half a million of active ones in Serbia are holders of this certificate.

We all remember the period when we were students full of energy, wishing to start applying the knowledge we gathered during our school days as soon as possible. This year, in cooperation with professors at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, we have designed a project task for students based on a real project that we, as a company, are implementing. Students will work on the assignment for two months, in consultation with us and the professors.

We hope that this endeavor will provide students with a useful experience and prepare them for what awaits them upon graduation.

New in our portfolio

Cloud ID

Digital signature platform in the cloud

Cloud ID offers a full range of cloud-based trust services, including digital signature, digital seal, timestamp and document verification. By using Cloud ID, you can forget about printing, manually signing and physically transporting contracts, invoices, authorizations and other similar documents. The platform enables you to digitalize your processes, making them much more accessible, modern and economic.


Mobile Biometric Authentication

We live in a time in which we are rapidly moving towards a complete digitalization of processes, procedures and the overall way administrative systems function. There is a handful of successful systems that communicate with their users online, so it is normal for eGovernment systems to come to life on an ever-increasing scale.

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Bangladesh on its road to a digital future

Passports and other travell documents are a key part in creating an safe and secure travell ecosystem. It allows simple, efficient and safe border crossings. Using modern documents with chip, advanced algorithms for comparing biometric data and automatic eGates, modern countries put technology in favour of their citizens allowing them to have as plesent travelling experience as possible.

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North Macedonia and our longterm partnership

We believe that there is no better feeling than trust and cooperation being confirmed and renewed after more than a decade. We were certain of it when our client approached us, after 12 years of flawless operation on the previous version of the system and millions of successfully issued documents, to implement a new, improved version of the system.

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Our partners

We are proud to present some of our long-term partners:

After many years of successful cooperation, since February 2017, we have also become a strategic partner of Veridos GmbH. Veridos is a joint venture of Giesecke+Devrient and Bundesdruckerei, seated in Munich and Berlin, respectively. These two companies are the two largest German suppliers of identity documents, which, together with Veridos, form a network of 72 companies in 30 countries across the world, employing over 11,000 people. As a member of this group, Veridos possesses the expertise, many years of experience, and innovative power required to build a 2+ billion euro business.

Join our team

If you share not only our values, but also the passion towards the field of electronic identification, secure data exchange and critical information infrastructure design, then you are the right candidate for us. Come and meet us, send us your CV and our HR department will get in touch. We like to think of ourselves as the 007 among IT companies.

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Protect your digital documents with digital signatures

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