Marina’s first month in the NetSeT Company


Hi! My name is Marina Mladenović, I majored in… wait for it… the Arabic language and literature! I live in Pančevo and I have a miniature poodle named Vlada.

I entered the world of QA as a result of some cosmic intervention because someone recognized my potential for a job and invited me to join the team, where my story in the world of testing begins.

Before NetSeT, I gained the most of my experience in the company where I spent 4 years, where I was in charge of testing BSS, which was an inhouse software. There I gained a lot of experience in testing different systems, using tools as well as in communicating with clients and presenting projects.

I found out about NetSeT through Infostud, and I had my first positive experience at the initial interview, where the colleagues I work with today, who interviewed me then, created an atmosphere in which I could relax as much as possible. This does not happen often, and it is very important to leave room for a person to tell everything about themselves and their experience without fear of saying something “wrong”. In case of questions to which I did not know the answer, and there are always such, they continued to the next ones with a smile and understanding.

The recruitment process itself was more than fair and professional and, although I didn’t get the job right away, I joined the team after a year, which only shows the approach that NetSeT has towards their candidates! Good candidates are rarely forgotten and no update mail I received was sent at random.

I spent the first working day with another new colleague and the rest of the team who took turns, in order to provide us with as much information as possible regarding the conditions in the company. There was also the entire Systems team that brought us and activated our work equipment. We were immediately told that, given the situation, we were to work from home, which continues to this day, and only speaks of the fact that health comes first for the company.

I was assigned to a team working on a driving license software project in Uganda. Although I came to the project relatively late, everyone around me was completely available to fill me in and include me in the team as fast as possible. The whole team around me very often provided answers to questions that I didn’t even have time to ask, which only speaks volumes about the kind approach that is still the basis of our cooperation.

Very quickly, I spontaneously met the rest of the company, who welcomed me just as warmly, and at no point did I feel like a stranger. It is possible that the team from NetSeT secretly goes to some trainings on “How to instantly make someone feel like family”, you are doing great for now! 

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