North Macedonia and our longterm partnership



We believe that there is no better feeling than trust and cooperation being confirmed and renewed after more than a decade. We were certain of it when our client approached us, after 12 years of flawless operation on the previous version of the system and millions of successfully issued documents, to implement a new, improved version of the system. One of the first IDMS projects of our company was done particularly for this client, so going back to it is of special importance to us.


How did it all start?


The initial cooperation with Northern Macedonia was crowned with the successful implementation of the National System for Issuing Personal Documents in 2007. It was a great success for both sides – for us it was a confirmation that we have all the knowledge and capacity to complete such a challenging project, and for Northern Macedonia it was a huge step forward towards digitalization and a safe, secure and efficient system of national importance. The national system established that year was intended for the issuance of all identification documents for citizens (ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses), as well as user cards that ensure safe operation by users (e.g. operators, controllers). From 2007 until today, millions of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses and user cards have been issued.

After its implementation, cooperation was continued in the form of maintaining the established system. The system has been properly maintained without major interventions by our team during all these years.


Prespa Agreement and continuation of cooperation



With the Prespa Agreement coming into force, FYR Macedonia changed its name to the Republic of Northern Macedonia. This important event implied major administrative changes in almost all spheres, including changes in all identification documents of the citizens of this country. This was the reason for the start of a new project that will help the state of Northern Macedonia to implement all the necessary changes and, at the same time, improve the system further, making it more efficient and safer.



The project goal is to deliver a system ready to support the new name of the state and the accompanying legislation that improves the existing documents. In addition to changing the name of the country, another novelty is that the documents will be available in the languages ​​of national minorities in Northern Macedonia. Together with members of the Serb minority, citizens of the Turkish, Roma, Vlach, Bosnian, Albanian and Romanian national minorities will have support in the system to obtain a document in official Macedonian and their own language. In addition, there has been a change in driving categories, and this change will be included in a unique, consistent solution.


Security and safety as an imperative



In addition to the implementation of these changes, another goal is reflected in the improvement of components that guarantee the systems’ safety. When working with sensitive data, security is imperative and no compromise can be made, so we pay special attention to it.


After setting up the system, the indispensable part that will follow is the migration of the data itself to the new infrastructure, which should be implemented quickly and without any mistakes. This phase of the project carries a special responsibility because the handling of the database itself is very delicate, any mistake can lead to consequences that will be felt by the final citizens.

The trust that has been given to us again is the best confirmation that our expertise and expertise has been recognized and that over time it has only matured and progressed. We are proud to say that we are achieving long-term partnerships, which are only being upgraded over time.

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