NetSeT products

Our expertise revolves around developing complex information systems for managing citizen data. Many years of hard work and improvement have helped us achieve the status of the regional leader in the filed of electronic identification, eGovernment and specialized systems for secure communication.

As part of our product portfolio we offer products that provide a complete set of functionalities of a national data exchange infrastructure, including information systems for data management and data storage, issuance and use of identity documents, information protection and reliable identification of citizens.


Through the dedicated work of our engineers we offer a high degree of customization of all our products to our client’s needs. Using the latest software development techniques, including modular architecture of solutions and source code generation from graphical diagrams (executable UML), we efficiently adapt all of our products to our client’s operational processes and their existing systems.

National Registers

Central system for storing citizen data of a population

ID documents

National systems for ID document issuance and management

Complete PKI Solution

Application of cryptography for a safe authentication and data protection


Highly classified information exchange

Geographically distributed system for a secure transfer and storage of highly confidential data



Reliable passenger identification at border crossings


System components and standalone applications

Individual components for a safe data exchange and improvement of existing processes