The most sophisticated solution for the passport system in the UAE

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Following the latest technologies in entire ecosystem for issuing travel documents, the UAE has decided to upgrade the ePassport issuing system and raise security and safety when crossing the border to the highest possible level. Using agile methodology, the existing Federal Identification and Citizenship Authority (ICA) passport system will be replaced with the safe, high-tech solution we offer. Emirates are in the process of digitalization of national systems which is a national project of high importance, and this project ePassport system modernization should contribute to boost digitalization process and to raise its quality to the highest possible level.

Together with our German partner Veridos, we started this challenging project in order to integrate all procedures involved in issuing passports into a single ecosystem that guarantees passenger safety and enables easy and efficient border crossing. The specific thing about this project is that all the software being implemented is completely made from the scratch in order to be adapted as best as possible to all the specifics that exist. The goal is to integrate in best way all local and individual factory systems into one custom-made. The software that will be placed is completely in Arab language, so there will be no language barrier to use.


The UAE are very specific, they as a country have five different types of passports in their passport system – a regular passport, special passport for the royal family and senior officials, a diplomatic passport, a temporary passport for a specific period of time, and an emergency passport for Emirati citizens in case of loss or expiration of their passport while abroad. Another interesting thing is that when crossing the border, besides passport scanning, face scanning is also required in UAE.

For us, this was a challenging project with a lot of custom-made solutions that were made from scratch, so the satisfaction with the realization was greater.

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